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 Jill Clarey, ND, MH, CNHP, NHC

Classical Naturopath

Jill Clarey has been in practice since 1990. I provide you with the highest quality health information, advice, and natural supplements. I offer a variety of approaches and modalities to address a large number of health conditions. I utilize hormone testing, kinesiology, iridology, dried blood cell analysis, Ream’s testing, pH balancing, neurotransmitter and hormone evaluations, allergy/sensitivity testing and flower remedies. I review all of your medications to be aware of contraindications and depletions. We discuss diet and lifestyle changes based on imbalances found and I teach you how to read labels when shopping for healthy eating. Together we create a personalized program just for you.

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Jill Clarey, NaturalPath

Hi, There! I’m Jill.

My aim is to educate clientele about health, nutrition and diet and how these things can affect the way you feel to create a sense of emotional and physical balance within.


Order and Refill Your Supplements

For your convenience, I offer a variety of ways to order and refill supplements. The suppliers below offer all the products I carry in my office, so you may order directly through these retailers and have them shipped to you. If you prefer to order with me directly, I can drop-ship your products with Priority mail or you can pick them up from my office. Please email or text me your requests for refills.


Access my online store at Kaerwell.com/go/thenaturalpathwithjillclarey And for first time users, when setting up your account, us the practitioner access code: ‘clarey’. If ordering over $100, you get free shipping, and use the voucher code: CLAREY to save $5 at checkout!


If you are after Metagenics products, you have to order from a different online store. Visit it at JClarey.metagenics.com Shop and add what you are wanting to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you select Automatic Refill, you can save even more!

“I pride myself on providing you with quality products and personalized professional service. I strive to help you on your way to good health.”


Jill’s Health Articles

Enhance your Brain!

Enhance Your Brain! CBS Health News today tweets an article about preventing dementia with learning music.  It reminds me of reading about a brain issue that a client recently came in with. He fills out a brain assessment form in office and his Temporal Lobe comes up....

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Imbalances Happen to Everyone!

Imbalances Happen to Everyone! It all started this past summer. I was at the pool, trying to give blood during the blood drive. I take the pre-requisite hemoglobin test to determine eligibility to give and FAIL. My hemoglobin was LOW! I had been on a daily salad binge...

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Invest in Self Care

Invest in Self CareWhy Invest in Your Own Self (Care)? Why not just start with stress. We all have it, (most all of us). When not managed it can cause many symptoms! High blood pressure insomnia headaches inflammation depression anxiety Irritability in the gut...

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Plagued by Depression, Mood Swings and Anxiety?

Plagued by Depression, Mood Swings and Anxiety?Ninety-five percent of our neurotransmitters are in our gut. So does this explain when we are constipated why we are so grumpy – I’d say “YES”. We only have one-two percent located in our central nervous system, (our...

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How to Read a Label

How to Read a LabelOne of the things I do is teach people how to eat. When you go grocery shopping the best place to start is the labels on the sides of all the boxes and bags. The ingredients list has always been there. I look for a few things on every label. I want...

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Children’s Medicine Cabinet

Children's Medicine CabinetHere are some ideas to help start your natural medicine cabinet. These are either liquid – in glycerine or powder you can add to juice. VS-C for viruses and liver/immune problems OREGON GRAPE for bacterial infections ULTIMATE ECHINACEA for...

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